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Hostas in the monastery garden in the monastery garden

love garden friends will do you the time until spring so long? Did you this seductive spring weather in recent days as well as me and my little

Just So driven

in the starting blocks. Ah, unfortunately the winter time just. While I was in the last two weeks from time to time in the garden for a short time, but it was in the long run too cold. So I use the time otherwise and dedicate myself again my plant lists. Just completed is my revised Hostaliste.

After many dreary gray and so much white snow, I was for a little color, especially on the color green. Come, I'll take with you on the green Hostapfad through the convent garden.

is right in front of the door with it Wide Brim (left), Night before Christmas and in the background Whirlwind go:

We past the troll forest, the main planting of hostas there.

Behind the elves showed the largest hosta-pot collection can be found. Here is a beautiful stranger who gave me a garden friend. It is one of my special favorites, unfortunately, that of the snails. Fortunately, she drives so fast green leaves that keep the snails can not.

Austin Dickinson in the first fresh green, later he gets creamy white leaf margins.

the tub, I will replant in the spring, because Sugar and Cream is too powerful and will move to the left side, so that the Moonlight Sonata again can see better. Previously, the tub a different position because we saw the Moonlight Sonata directly. When seated in the foreground Geisha . Sitting in the small tank in front Remember Me (left) and Xanadu, in the little potty next Morning Light .

Among the great Cedar is another pot-corner. Here, too, of course, hostas can be found. Entire front Abby, left behind El Nino right Sweet Susan, in the big tub can be found on the left and right Fragrant Star Ann Kulpa .

On the other side of the pot-corner to even be a small patio, which is then limited by this Randbeet whose stars are of course also hostas. The small Dress Blues is framed by the left and right Royal Standard of Honey Bells .

Sun and after the relaxing green feast for the eyes I will now devote myself to the expansion of my Hosta collection and forge new planting plans. Since last winter I lost a few hostas in pots, I have tried over the last year, to get as many of the earth. Sorry, but I have not yet austopfen all can, so I hope that this winter, not too many left behind.

Whoever still has enough of hostas, here it goes to my hosta list: click .


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